Fall Style Guide

The fall 2017 season is upon us in all of its layered glory featuring fashion trends reminiscent of the 70’s onward. If you’ve been equally amused and perplexed at the wardrobe possibilities, then here lies your handy style guide! I’ve selected my top trends for the season with tips on how to bring the look together yourself!

  1. A FLORAL SURPRISE! Yes, florals! Perhaps a least-expected trend for the season, florals are making way with a bold statement.
    • How to Wear: Pair a darker combination of florals with black or a dark blue denim. If it’s a dress, you’ll want t try wearing it with black stockings and boots for a more distinguished fall look.
  2. OOH LA-LA RED! This trend is perhaps my favorite. It’s every woman’s confidently beautiful go-to.
    • How to Wear: Pair your reds with black for a nighttime look and with browns, tans, and neutrals for the daytime. Grays certainly work too. But they should be more structured pieces in order to prevent your look from being a little too sloppy. The goal is carefree not careless!
  3. FUR-SURE! There’s no doubt about it. The fur-inspired pieces are here to keep us wildly warm!
    • How to Wear: A coat for those extra cold days, or something that is fur-lined. For the early fall chill, opt for a sweater with simple fur-lining.
  4. MUSTARD ON TOP! Mustard brightens up those gloomier days with an added dash of color to your look.
    • How to Wear: Mustard should always be an accent color in my opinion, not the main event. Don’t ever do head to toe. Too mustardy…you’ll be screaming for some ketchup and a bun! It can be worn as a coat, sweater, watch, or shoe paired with complimentary darker colors. You might even get mustard mixed with florals for a fun option!
  5. DENIM SQUARED! It’s denim on denim season and this one is a bit tricky. Truthfully, I wanted to steer clear of this trend but with some creative and personal touches, it can be quite a fun look.
    • How to Wear: You’ll want to attempt to match your denim pieces (darker shades work best). If you’re wearing a jeans/top combo, wear the lighter shade on top. The look is more flattering that way. If you have a dressy denim item, make that the key piece of your entire look. It’ll pull everything together. Speaking of pulling it all together – brown boots of any shade makes this trend really work!
  6. FALLING OFF THE EDGE! This one deserves an honorable mention. It might take you a few shots of PSL espressos to muster up the courage to pull this one off…but just in case, I’ve got you covered!
    • How to Wear: You saw T. Swift’s tough chick motorcycle look in her new video, didn’t you? This trend is all leather, studs, and everything black…yes. If you want to take a much safer route, a modest black sweater, turtleneck or a long cardigan will do the trick paired with a leather bottom.

You may already have items in your closet to make these looks happen. Get one or two pieces to pull it all together if you need to. My advice? Shop smart. Get something you know will match items that you already own and think timeless. Nothing’s fashionably worse than spending money on something you’ll barely wear. Ugh…I’d rather buy pizza! And remember, your number one fashion-must is confidence. Smile, hold the door for someone, and slay all day!

Hugs and kisses! 

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