life reflection at midnight

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis

Within the past week alone I’ve several times said, “my best days are behind me.” In the pit of confusion and self-loathing I honestly believed this to be true. Approaching another birthday that yet again makes me feel like I’m anywhere but where a woman my age should be, I look at life now, where it was a few years back, and just can’t shake the negative conclusions that flood my mind. But is this what life was meant to be like? Dwelling on past victories or failures? On a past anything? Hopelessly dreading what’s to come ahead? If only we were to truly believe that better things area ahead. How do I even know that for sure? Life is full of it’s disappointments, disasters, and drudgery. Frankly, I just need a dessert!

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