“do you love me?”

“Do you love Me more than these?” This very thing that Jesus asked Peter in John 21 hits home and goes deep.

“Do you love Me?” Heart pricked. I feel Him prodding now.

“Do you love Me?” The All Knowing One “knows all things.” He knows. Knows the mess that lies deep down in this broken, fallen heart. The heart affected by the ugliness of this world – taken for granted, recklessly marched upon at one’s own pleasure, and disregarded as if of no true value. “Do you love Me?” he yet asks. At this I come to the realization that to love is something that I’ve attempted to no longer allow of myself. How can I love Him when I’ve miscalculated His love?

But He knows. He knows this heart. Built up walls over time, not fully blocked but carefully guarded. Only ever wanted to be treated gently, cared for as a prized treasure. Instead it has experienced disappointment, rejection, indifference. Was it not of any worth?

He who knows wants to take up full residence of this heart. Remove the walls that must be broken down in order to give and accept love. My heart must trust. Freely begin to trust the Trusted One. So that He can heal. He has promised that He is close to this broken heart and rescues the spirit crushed (Psalm 34:18). In Him there is no deceit. He is not self-seeking. He doesn’t wound. He doesn’t look the other way. He sees. He is love itself!

“Do you love Me?” Behold the most freeing question my heart has ever been asked. Yes. A thousand times, yes! And here I am loving Him freely. Knowing that this broken world has broken me. It has broken everything. But Jesus mends, restores, makes brand new. He makes this heart believe, hope, dream, and most importantly, love.

Friend, when you think of the question that Jesus asks Peter, think of how wildly and deeply He loves you. He unconditionally loves you! Can you grasp the weight of that? That love led Him to being murdered so that you would live eternally should you accept Him. Accept that love. Freely love Him. (rf. Romans 8:35, Mark 12:30-31, John 21:15-17).

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