Dreamer. Adventure lover. Bargainista. Professional laugher. Baby snuggler. Aspiring homemaker. Passionate about teaching God’s word and upholding Biblical truth.

I was born an island-girl, raised a city-girl, currently a surviving-the-country-life-girl. Small talk sort of bores me. I can’t help it and I’m also quite bad at it. I enjoy deep, meaningful conversations and learning exciting, new things. I’m a listener and a talker, but I prefer listening.

My life? Living proof that 30’s is the new 20’s. It’s more fun on this side of the decade – I promise you! Though mine is nowhere near where I’d imagined it to be at this point. Most friends my age have husbands, kids, a home, an established career – I, my dear, have none of those things! I’m tempted at times to feel that somehow I’ve received the short end of the stick but I’m truly coming into a place of embracing this gift of an unexpectedly adventurous life. I was always the play-it-safe-girl. I’m now the slap-your-fears-in-the-face and embrace-a-whole-new-world-of-adventure kind of girl! This blog is one of those adventures.



The world makes more sense when I write about it.

when you’re just not sure how to believe God right now

I’m tired of living life as is. Mundane. In redundancy. In complacency. Spiritually complacent. Never truly expecting to see God move in incredible ways. Continually hearing about how God is working wonderfully in the lives of others but not seeing that come to fruition in my own life is difficult. Have you ever prayed like …


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